Poster for the opening of the Hull-House Playground, Chicago, May 5, 1894.

A Plea for Playgrounds
by Jim Duignan

Embodied by a twelve-foot seesaw—a piece of playground equipment requiring cooperation—A Plea for Playgrounds is the result of a collaboration between artist Jim Duignan and a group of elders who shared with him personal stories of their… Read more »

Pocket Guide to Hell’s Haymarket Reenactment, 2011. Photo: Yoni Goldstein.

Earth’s Choicest Products: Pocket Guide to Hell
Audio Tour

by Paul Durica, Anthony Martinez, and Heather Radke

This project takes its name from a newspaper advertisement proclaiming the opening of the building currently housing SAIC’s Sullivan Galleries—Schlesinger and Mayer’s flagship department store, designed by Louis Sullivan, on October 12, 1903. According to the advertisement,… Read more »

Diagram from W.J. Schatz, Club Swinging for Physical Exercise and Recreation (Boston: American Gymnasia Company, 1908).

Addams–Dewey Gymnasium
by Pablo Helguera

The Addams-Dewey Gymnasium honors and activates both meanings of the word gymnasium: a space for physical activity and a preparatory school of higher learning. The space, reflecting turn of the century gymnasiums, is inspired in the educational… Read more »

Courtesy of the artist.

Seven Thousand Cords
(After Beuys)

by Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle

This work is a contemporary response to Joseph Beuys’s renowned social sculpture/ecological project 7000 Oaks, composed of seven cords of wood as distinct sculptural elements. For centuries stacking split firewood has been used as an efficient and… Read more »

Silver Spray shipwreck at Morgan Shoal. Photo: Dan Peterman

Morgan Shoal:
Lake Bottom Land Use

by Dan Peterman

Morgan Shoal is a shallow water limestone formation that extends one-half mile from Chicago’s shoreline at 49th street. Covered by four to eight feet of water, the Shoal still bears the visible striations caused by glaciers moving… Read more »

"The Labor Portraits," Rebecca Purcell with J. Morgan Puett/Mildred's Lane. Courtesy of Mildred’s Lane and Rebecca Purcell. Photo: Jeffrey Jenkins.

HumanUfactorY(ng) Workstyles: The Motion Journals of Excerpts from the User’s Guide to Mildred’s Lane. A costume drama of the everyday.
by J. Morgan Puett

Coming to Chicago as a film student at SAIC, J. Morgan Puett made small film sketches, while her research into costume thrust her into deeper curiosities around clothing and dwelling, eventually leading her to an established career… Read more »

Rakowitz at fishing outing, 2014.
Photo: Jeremy Ohmes

Every Weapon Is A Tool
If You Hold It Right

by Michael Rakowitz

  Masgouf is considered the national dish of Iraq. Dating back to ancient Babylon, the basic recipe consists of a fresh carp fished from the Tigris River, split open from the back, gutted, and impaled on two… Read more »

Annette Franklin, a TY10 mother at her home in Elmhurst, 2014.
Photo: Soohyun Kim

Tamms Year Ten Family Room
by Tamms Year Ten and Laurie Jo Reynolds

The 2013 closing of Tamms supermax prison in southern Illinois marked a major victory for Tamms Year Ten (TY10), the volunteer grassroots legislative campaign initiated by men in Tamms, their families, and artists. This year TY10’s primary… Read more »

Temporary Services, Publishing Clearing House. Sketch by Kione Kochi.

Publishing Clearing House
by Temporary Services

Temporary Services has produced a booklet for nearly every project they have completed over the past fifteen years. The result is 101 publications, as well as numerous posters and ephemera. In 2008 they started Half Letter Press,… Read more »

Zebra Thailand stainless steel food carrier.

Untitled 2014 (recycle, lunch break)
by Rirkrit Tiravanija with Ken Dunn and Dan Peterman

In conjunction with recycler-gardener-philosopher/artist Ken Dunn and Dan Peterman (see above), Rirkrit Tiravanija will team up on a series of interactions—meals and discussions—that intervene into the city’s foodways as they call into question and probe the city’s… Read more »