Temporary Services, Publishing Clearing House. Sketch by Kione Kochi.

Temporary Services has produced a booklet for nearly every project they have completed over the past fifteen years. The result is 101 publications, as well as numerous posters and ephemera. In 2008 they started Half Letter Press, a publishing imprint that produces and distributes book-length works. Thus far, Temporary Services has never made publishing—as a living, breathing, collaborative, generative, and empowering activity—the center of an exhibition.

Publishing Clearing House will be a temporary, fully functioning print shop. Members of Temporary Services and assistants will work with invited collaborators to produce new booklets and printed works during the run of the show—sharing and launching publications. Visitors will be able to meet Temporary Services and visiting authors, and watch the mechanics of the print shop as works are developed and created.

Temporary Services is inviting a diverse range of guest authors with an emphasis on Chicago, the Midwest, and a particular interest in artists, activists, and voices from marginalized and disadvantaged populations including juveniles and the incarcerated, as well as people who represent or articulate narratives counter to dominant cultural norms. In banking and finance, clearing denotes all activities from the time a commitment is made for a transaction until it is settled. In Publishing Clearing House, clearing denotes all activities from the time a commitment to an author is made, until the publication is designed, printed, stapled, folded and distributed. Making a clearing is also about creating a space for meeting and making processes visible, open, and transparent.

Find out more on the Temporary Services website and their Chicago social practice story.


Special thanks to Statens Kunstfond for their support of this project.