Annette Franklin, a TY10 mother at her home in Elmhurst, 2014.
Photo: Soohyun Kim

The 2013 closing of Tamms supermax prison in southern Illinois marked a major victory for Tamms Year Ten (TY10), the volunteer grassroots legislative campaign initiated by men in Tamms, their families, and artists. This year TY10’s primary goal is to re-elect Illinois Governor Pat Quinn who closed the Tamms supermax, three other prisons, abolished the state’s death penalty, “banned the box,” and signed several Second Chance bills. Returning to the space in SAIC’s Sullivan Galleries that housed the TY10 Campaign Office (which served as the hub of the 2012 closure efforts), family members and men formerly incarcerated in Tamms will create a living room out of furniture and objects from their home. After the November 4 election, the family members will use the gallery as a meeting site to access the past, establish closure for TY10, and make plans for the future. Through a series of convenings, they will explore the possibility of a new political or social collective.