Joseph Hocking’s The Leak in Your Home Town

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 » By ATS Workers » See more posts from Faculty Highlights

ATS Faculty Joseph Hocking’s work was reviewed in Art in America as part of the Tunneling show. Pace University’s new media professor, Will Pappanheimer, curated the show to present ground-breaking media and diverse sensory experiences. Most of the pieces exhibited in the show were technology-based. The team of Hocking and Mark Skwawerk (also known as Famous Accountants) created the augmented reality software piece, The Leak in Your Home Town. When visitors pointed their iPhones at the British Petroleum logo, an image of a swirling toxic oil plume (Flash animation) will appear in their viewscreens. To read more about this piece, go here. To see if they’ve made the iPhone app available to the public, go to the App store!

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