Artist Talk: ATS Alumni Jeffrey Daniels

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Thursday, Feb 7 at 2pm, MacLean Center room 1307

An artist talk about the 8-bit video game projects of ATS alumni Jeffrey Daniels

Jeffrey Daniels is an artist, author, and educator based in Chicago.

I make games. My work is very simple in principle: play and procedurality combine as a platform for communication.
Using interactive technology, I develop gaming structures that visualize and articulate experiences into broader terms that both invite discussion and stimulate empathy on the part of a participant.
My output is transdisciplinary and emphasizes conceptual understanding. Through video games, board games, game books and immersive activities, I invite players to operate in the awareness of a different reality informed by memes of play. Thematically, past games have addressed a wide range of issues including race, class, and power dynamics.
Games are familiar and tactile. The rule systems often emulate social contracts we enact on a daily basis. Within these acts of play, my objective is to amplify the role of the spectator, empowering and restricting the participant with a carefully considered scaffolding system. I encourage the player to exploit, subvert, or submit to the rules I present for the purpose of activating the art through participation.

Jeffrey Daniels

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