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For those of us who are trying to talk about Science Fiction, rather than science, the normal search engine or wiki page will often fail us. There are days when I want to know about dinosaurs in Science Fiction, not the science of dinosaurs. And telling the internet that can be exasperating. (No Google, I did not want an article titled “Dinosaurs, Science or Science Fiction”)

Enter…The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, web edition!

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (SFE) began as a hardcover book first published in 1979. Since then it has been elaborated on, expanded, and generally updated. The next book was larger, in paperback, and include an addendum book. The third was so large it could only be contained on a CD, titled The Multimedia Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Grolier Science Fiction. Now in its 4th edition, too big for book form, and too big for CD, the Encyclopedia of SF has been reborn on the web. Its still edited like an actual, published Encyclopedia. Not just anyone can say anything. Which means updating will be slow, but accurate. And the Encyclopedia does not claim to be neutral either. Its editors have opinions. But rest assured they are highly informed opinions about very interesting topics, which makes for a pretty good read.

While The SFE is still being finished (the site up now is in “beta” with a completed site slated for the end of 2012), it already has hundred of articles on everything from authors, to general topics, to movies.

Whether you’re writing a paper or just interested in the Science Fiction side to dinosaurs, Encyclopedia of Science Fiction is shaping up to be a wealth of scifi information worthy of its title.

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We love decorating the Service Bureau for Halloween. Check out this PAC MAN garland we made for the front window:

We made it from this tutuorial using Deep Orange and Vellum Cardstock from our Sale Papers (50% Off! What a steal!) and a few extra paper clips we have lying around.

Our student worker Tayler loves Halloween, stop by on Friday to see her crazy costume! (Also, we have a very life like jack-o-lantern)

Finally, a cache of Canon printable paper crafts!


Seriously, this is the last typography game of skill (for at least this week). Made by designer Ian ObermullerFontroduction provides a great entry point to understanding the elements of a font (i.e. anatomy, weight, contrast, and spacing), a basic history of different styles,  and a quiz to test your skills. Of all of the games that I have posted recently, finishing this one is easily the most rewarding. So finish it!

Happy Friday!

(via Man Made)

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Lytro Field Camera Demo

Lytro Field Cameras

Lytro, the world’s first hand held light field camera, is now for sale! Unlike any other camera on the market in both looks and technology, the camera comes with its own software that can interpret the 11 million rays of light the camera captures with each image. The operation is also super simple and, from the look of it, very intuitive. Want a Lytro camera? You have color and size options, $399 for an 8 gig one in grey or blue, and $499 for a 16 gig one in red. They will begin shipment in 2012. Check out the video below to get an idea of how it works.


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Just when you thought you were good at kerning:

The makers of PearBudget and the soon-to-be Monotask, a website that blocks time-wasting websites (watch your productivity soar), bring us Cheese or Font! Show off your true typography prowess by discerning font from fancy cheese (not as easy as you think, e.g. Carolingia, Montasio).

Watch out, there are 268 questions. You might be busy for a while (I still haven’t finished).

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Method of Action, a soon-to-be website that aims at peer-to-peer education on “internet entrepreneurship, design for programmers, and home gardening,” launched KernType, a kerning game that tests your typographical might. Become a master of kerning and brag to your friends; avoid work for hours! I dare you to beat my score of 88 (probably not that difficult)!

Also, any website that combines internet entrepreneurship and home gardening must be legit.

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