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If it’s your dream to work with the kinds of rapid prototyping, laser cutting, and other 3D technology that we write about on this blog, now’s your chance.

The AOC is hiring a new Advanced Output Center Manager. Details can be found here.


A 3D sketchpad of sorts. Pretty cool.

Rhonda Forever 2003-2010.

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It looks like Minneapolis has a Service Bureau, and knows how to work it:

We are hiring. We’re looking for printing geniuses who like working in a fast-paced, always changing environment who know their way around the kinds of printing that we do.

We’re looking for student workers for the fall, and two full-time staff now.

Email servicebureau [at] for details.

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Erich Ginder’s new “Materialized” vase is the first in a series of objects created by scanning and decimating heavily adorned forms with high resolution laser scanners, resulting in jewel like abstractions free of the designer’s hand.

Fancy – Materialized Vase.

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Stay tuned. Now that the school year is winding down, we’ll be back. It was a busy one in both the Service Bureau and the AOC.

The Service Bureau is now closed until January 4, 2010, and the Advanced Output Center is closed until January 5, 2010. Have a happy holiday!

How’s your Etsy store doing? Have you adequately monetized your art school education yet? Well why not? The Service Bureau can help. Here are a few of the things we can do:

Vinyl Graphics. (selling for: $13.00 / do it at the Bureau for: $4.00)

Buttons. (this item’s actually a good deal at $1.00 for 8 buttons, but make them at the Bureau for $0.25 and charge more)

Inkjet Prints. Duh. (selling for $14.00 + $6.00 S&H / make it at the Bureau for $4.22)

Sketchbooks and other books. (selling for $18 + $4.50 S&H / make it at the Bureau for $1.50)

Check it out. Look at what these things are going for and then look how much we charge.

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For anyone looking for a good site to learn about laser cutters and cool projects, the Ponoko blog is excellent.

If you’re getting technical, here’s a great article on how much volume the laser burns away when cutting acrylic (aka the width of the laser’s kerf).

Ponoko also operates a store and laser cutter service if you’re in the market (like after graduation when you can’t use the AOC’s laser cutter anymore…).



(via swiss miss)

Don’t forget – The Service Bureau makes buttons for $0.30/$0.25 each, no minimum.

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