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Why print a test strip?  Why add an extra day to your turnaround time?  I can answer that with one word… control. Usually, when you bring an image to an outside lab, you drop off your file, tell them what you want and hope it comes out correct. At the Service Bureauwhen you make a test strip, we give you the opportunity to tweak the file any way you want. We put the ultimate control over the outcome of the file in your hands. This in turn gives us more time to fine tune our ever growing stable of technology allowing for a greater quality of print.

Everybody wins!

So print a test strip and take control over the outcome of your output.

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One of the coolest pieces of machinery available in the Advanced Output Center is the rapid prototyper, also called the 3D printer. The RP machine is able to read in 3D files and print them out in three dimensions.

So, what happens here is, you create the file in any 3D program (such as Maya or Rhino). Save the file out as an STL (Stereolithography file) and bring that file into another program called Catalyst. Catalyst will slice up that STL file into many many layers so the printer knows how to read it. From there the printer will read that information and print out your model one layer at a time until you get a 3D model!

It’s pretty amazing and the models it can make are great quality.

Check out The Advanced Output Center’s web page for more information on setting up files and costs for prints!

I attached two images of a dinosaur I had printed out on the 3D printer.

Dinosaur 3D Print

Dinosaur 3D Print #2

Check back for more. I’ll be posting some videos of the Rapid Prototyper and more examples of awesome work!


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At the Advanced Output Center we offer CD and DVD duplication and printing. Available for download from our website we have templates for Photoshop and Illustrator so you can create your disc design. From there just drop off the design to an AOC employee with master disc (if duplicating) and we’ll take care of the rest.

Take a look at our website for more information on creating the file and how much it costs.

The print quality is amazing and if you’re looking for a professional quality disc try this.

Here’s a video of how it works. I put in a time lapse in the middle because the actual printing process takes at least a minute or two (and I doubt you want to watch a stationary camera for 2 minutes :) ).

Coming soon I’ll post some examples of what other people have done.


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