Deadline Review

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Here are some important dates you should know with regards to the Career + Coop Center:

Working Artist Program Dates-

10/15- Chicago at Work
10/17- Résumé Workshop
10/23- Business Startup Workshop
11/6- Funding Your Work
11/9- Graduate School Info Session
11/12- Panel Discussion on College Teaching & CAA
11/12- Inigo Manglano-Ovalle: SAIC Distinguished Alumni Lecture Series

Internship Fair- 12/5

If you are planning on doing Spring Coop Internship, it is time to start making appointments with Coop advisors. There are some internships that have early deadlines. Some have passed with October 1st deadlines, but others are open for application until 11/1. Please meet with a Coop advisor as soon as possible to determine whether or not the Coop you are interested in has an early deadline.

If you have missed your early deadline for spring and want to apply for the same internship during the summer, be sure to contact the internship office at that organization to determine when the next deadline is for summer. Deadlines are important to stay on top of and remember, the earlier you get something in, the better.

Click here to make an appointment.

Market Changes

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post by Jesse H. Laier

The demands of the market change. The only way to keep up with the demands is to pay attention to the market and accumulate as many skills as you can. Computers and graphic design are big currently. You’re more likely to land a job if you know certain programs such as WordPress, Adobe Creative Suite, and Microsoft Office.

Physical skills are making a comeback in the United States. I already highlighted how factory work is in demand.  According to a Business Day article in the New York Times, factories are now desperately seeking people to sew their goods.  This has coincided with a change in American culture. Americans are growing more conscious about the process in which the goods they purchase are processed. This is evidenced in farm to table movements in restaurants across the country.

Businesses need people to sew their goods because of a higher demand for American made products. This is good for numerous reasons, which include offering more jobs to the American public, and allows for smaller businesses to compete with major retailers.

This is why having diversified skills is important. A job may open up in a field you hadn’t considered, but because you have the skills to complete the job, you are able to land it. Receiving a job sewing doesn’t mean you’ll have to sew for the rest of your life, either. A skill is a key that opens up opportunities for more growth.

That is to say, don’t be afraid to try something new. Your practice doesn’t have to be all that you focus on. A hobby might be the experience that you need to find employment outside of school.

Click here to read the New York Times article.

Co-op Orientation

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post by Jesse H. Laier

It’s the third week of school. How are your classes going? Are they everything that you hoped for them to be? Did you end up dropping one in favor of another one that a friend told you you would like?

Are you still stuck in a class that you have no intention of completing, but feel overwhelmed because the Add/ Drop period has already passed?

Yesterday was the deadline for the normal Add/ Drop period. As I have discussed before, deadlines are important to follow to keep everything running smooth. As your classes move past the Add/ Drop period, you will notice them shift into a new gear. You will be learning more in class as well as output more work.

Stay strong. Especially for those of you just starting out college, know that all the work presented to you by the faculty here is to help you. By the end of your time here, you should have a good gauge on your process; whether you work well in the morning or at night, in public or in private, with a partner or alone.

You still have one more week to add a Cooperative Education Internship. If you have been interviewing and have finally gotten an offer, please come down to the Career + Coop Center as soon as possible to register.

We also have two new students working for us in Xiaorui Zhu as one of our new Office Coordinators and Jenna Sedlacek as our Freshman Fellow. Come in and say hello. They will help you with all your Cooperative Internship needs.

Remember: Coop Add/ Drop ends 9/17/2013. If you already received an internship offer, do not hesitate to drop by and register.

See you soon!

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