13 Films about Animals

Thursday, December 13, 2001, 6pm 1923-2001, various directors, France/Russia/USA, ca 110 min, various formats From the warm-and-fuzzy to the chilly-and-scaly, from the gently lyrical to the grimly pedagogical, these thirteen films feature dogs, cats, bats and bugs and the people who love them, or don’t. Programmed and presented in person by animation artist/professor Jim Trainor, […]

Cybernoia: Suicide Box and Fresh Kill

Thursday, December 6, 2001, 6pm CYBERNOIA:
 SUICIDE BOX 1996, Natalie Jeremijenko, USA, 13 min, video. and FRESH KILL 1994, Shu Lea Cheang, USA, 80 min, 35mm. Technology takes a sinister turn in these works, which alternately satirize and comment darkly upon the omnipresence of electronic telecommunications, surveillance video, and broadcast propaganda in contemporary life. Co-presented […]