Magick, Darkness and Devils

Thursday, October 31, 2002, 8:15pm 1903—2002, various directors, France/Germany/Spain/USA, ca. 116 min, 16mm Kenneth Anger in person! For Halloween, we present an evening of films from the avant-garde that explore the space between film and the supernatural.  The program includes Georges Melies’ The Kingdom of the Fairies (1903), Ferdinand Zeca’s El Espectro Rojo (1903), Hans […]

Myths, Legends and Lies

Thursday, October 24, 2002, 8pm 1925—2002, various directors, USA/Hungary, ca. 105 min, 16mm The mythic imagination runs amok in this program of a dozen animated and live-action films programmed by Jim Trainor, animator and professor of film at the School of the Art Institute.  Includes: Aristophanes on Broadway (1991, Zack Stiglicz), Daumë (2001, Ben Russell), […]


Thursday, October 17, 2002, 8pm 1992, Guy Maddin, Canada, 100 min, 35mm Guy Maddin in person! Like Edward Gorey’s mysterious books, Guy Maddin’s films are weirdly, unnervingly funny; one senses a deadly parody even if it is not clear exactly what is being made fun of. In Careful, set in some bogus European mountain country, […]

Film and Video by Elisabeth Subrin

Thursday, October 10, 2002, 8:15pm Elisabeth Subrin in person! Subrin’s films and videos examine the intersections of history and subjectivity within female biography. Engaging conventions of documentary and personal narrative, the works strategically undermine their own forms, shifting historical periods, genres and characters to explore the residual impact of the 1960s and the hazy boundaries […]



    Conversations at the Edge is a weekly series of screenings, performances, and talks by groundbreaking media artists.


    CATE is organized by SAIC's Department of Film, Video, New Media, and Animation in collaboration with the Gene Siskel Film Center and SAIC's Video Data Bank, Conversations at the Edge is a dynamic weekly series of screenings, performances, and talks by groundbreaking media artists.


    Programs take place Thursdays at 6pm at the Gene Siskel Film Center (164 N. State / Chicago, IL / 312.846.2600), unless otherwise noted.