CameraLESS Films / Movies without Cameras

Thursday, March 27, 2008, 6pm | Curator Jodie Mack in person! Thorsten Fleisch, Kosmos (2004). Image courtesy of the artist. For over one hundred years, filmmakers have found ways to emancipate themselves from advanced photographic processes and make films without cameras—by drawing, painting, scratching, or adhering figures and objects directly onto filmstrips. Whether produced meticulously […]

Films by Gordon Matta-Clark

Thursday, March 13, 8pm | Jane Crawford in person! Gordon Matta-Clark, Eric Convents, and Roger Steylaerts, Office Baroque (1977). Renowned “anarchitect” Gordon Matta-Clark (1943–1978) sliced through the walls, floors, and facades of abandoned buildings, staged socially engaged street performances, and documented much of it in radical photographic collages, films, and videos. Matta-Clark’s films, writes curator […]


Thursday, March 6, 6pm | Anne Quirynen in person! Anne Quirynen, Interzone (2007). Image courtesy of the artist. Video artist and SAIC faculty member Anne Quirynen has long worked at the intersection of performance and the moving image, collaborating with the likes of choreographers William Forsythe, Thomas Hauert, and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker on videos, […]