Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry

Thursday, April 24, 6pm | Daniel Barrow in person! Daniel Barrow, Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry (2008). Image courtesy of the artist. The overhead projector takes center stage in Winnipeg artist Daniel Barrow’s darkly whimsical “manual animation” performances. Layering and drawing directly on a series of Mylar transparencies, Barrow combines his projected […]

You Don’t Remember the Time You Do: Moments in the Lives of Prisoners

Thursday, April 17, 6pm | Laurie Jo Reynolds in person! Robert Todd, In Loving Memory (2005). Image courtesy of the artist. Prison has long been a popular setting for motion pictures, from the oft-remade Man in the Iron Mask to recent Oscar-nominated hits Dead Man Walking and The Shawshank Redemption. Rarer is the film that […]

Mock Up on Mu

Thursday, April 10, 6pm | Craig Baldwin in person! Craig Baldwin, Mock Up on Mu (2008). Image courtesy of the artist. Legendary for his rapid-fire found-footage collage films, underground filmmaker Craig Baldwin returns to the Midwest with a special sneak preview of his latest feature, Mock Up on Mu. A radically hybridized pulp-serial-spy-science-fiction-western-horror mash-up, Mu […]

Falling Out of Time: New Documentaries from the Former Soviet Europe

Thursday, April 3, 6pm | Curators Oona Mosna and Jeremy Rigsby in person! Igor Strembitsky, Wayfarers (2005). Image courtesy of the artist. Once the home of state-sponsored social realism, the former Soviet Europe has given rise to a new breed of documentary, revising its realist tradition with the observational ambiguities and formal rigor more familiar […]