Interview with Erin Cosgrove

Could you tell us a little bit about the program you’ll be screening for Conversations at the Edge this fall? A Heart Lies Beneath comes from my 7 Romance Novels Project—which is what it sounds like, sort of—7 romance novels written by 7 different authors, all of them named Erin Cosgrove. They are satires that […]

October 3 – Erin Cosgrove: What Manner of Person Art Thou?

Thursday, October 3, 6pm | Erin Cosgrove in person! Los Angeles–based artist, animator, and author Erin Cosgrove mixes pop culture and a range of historical references—Fabio, the Baader-Meinhof gang, America’s founding fathers, Bible fan fiction—to offer dark and often wickedly funny critiques of contemporary political culture, particularly the role of history and religion. Cosgrove screens her 2008 […]

September 26 – Tomomi Adachi and Takahiko Iimura: Films and Performances

Thursday, September 26, 6pm | Tomomi Adachi and Takahiko Iimura in person! In a rare joint appearance, filmmaking luminary Takahiko Iimura and Tokyo-based sound artist Tomomi Adachi present an evening of films and performances. Since the early 1960s, Iimura has been renowned for his groundbreaking films and videos, ranging from surreal underground narratives to elegant explorations of time […]

September 19 – An Evening with Ximena Cuevas

Thursday, September 19, 6 p.m.  Due to travel disruptions in Mexico caused by Hurricane Ingrid and Tropical Depression Manuel, Ximena Cuevas is not able to join us tonight. An additional surprise piece will be added to the lineup. Pioneering Mexican video artist Ximena Cuevascreates smart, playful works that mix performance, autobiography, and mass-media excess to […]

CATE Fall 2013 Season Starts Sept 19!

Conversations at the Edge kicks off its Fall 2013 season with pioneering Mexican video artist Ximena Cuevas on September 19! Other highlights this season include a rare live performance by filmmaker Takahiko Iimura and Japanese sound artist Tomomi Adachi (9/26); an appearance by LA-based artist Erin Cosgrove with an epic animated feature (10/3); a peek […]