An Animated Valentine

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Thursday, February 17, 2005, 8pm

Stephanie Barber, still from "Letters, Notes" (2000)

Stephanie Barber, still from "Letters, Notes" (2000)

Curator Jim Trainor in person!

In the afterglow of Valentine’s Day, or its aftermath, we present ten animated films to tickle your spirits, or further crush them. Love is the subject, and many are the splendors, from Chuck Jones’ interspecies tearjerker Feed the Kitty (1952) to the excruciating first date of Don Herzfeldt’s Lily and Jim (1997). A forgotten masterpiece, Joie de vivre (1934, Hector Hoppin & Anthony Gross) is an erotic Art-Deco bookplate come to life, while an eerie sort of tenderness suffuses Suzan Pitt’s primal-scene drama Crocus (1971). Also on the program: Her Fragrant Emulsion (1987, Lewis Klahr); Letters, Notes (2000, Stephanie Barber); Love Story (1998, Signe Baumane); Milk (2002, Cat Solen); the Moschops (2001, Jim Trainor); Windy Day (1967, John & Faith Hubley) (Jim Trainor). 1934-2002, various directors, France/USA, ca. 85 min, various formats.


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