Another Planet: Recent Australian Digital Video

Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | February 6, 2003

Thursday, February 6, 2003, 8pm


Curator Keely Macarow in person!

Australian curator Keely Macarow presents a survey of recent Australian digital video that probes the interface between new and old media cultures. Among the works to be shown are: Martine Corompt’s Spell on You (2002), which features a boy who is either an unwilling child actor, or a malevolent eugenics progeny; March-Riever (1999), Vikki Wilson’s attempt to imagine a path to the past, using the possibilities of digital media in the service of the very early poetic tradition of the Anglo-Saxon poems like Beowulf; and Ian Haig & Philip Samartzis’s animated video of zombified human experiments gone wrong, Ectoplasmic Baby Fat Provider (2002). Another Planet maps the emergence of a digital aesthetic, which self-consciously hybridizes and references a broad sweep of media formats and technology, from infrared and computer animation to super-8 film. It revels in a bastardized, glitched, scratched, painterly, self-reflexive and neo-materialist digital practice, reflective of the current artistic, cultural and political situation in Australia. Co-presented with Video Data Bank (KJ Mohr). 1999—2002, various directors, Australia, ca. 84 min, video.


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