Black Maria Film Festival, Program 2

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Friday, February 8, 2002, 6pm


The second evening of work will be presented in the screening room of the Department of Film, Video, and New Media, 112 S. Michigan Avenue, Room 1311, 13th floor. Includes: Impossible Love (Jim Jennings, 11 min); Train (Masako Miyazaki, 8 min); Shudder (Michael Gitlin, 3 min); Go/Army (Ruben OMalley, 9 min); WOT THE ANCIENT SOD (Diane Kitchen, 17 min); Lollipop Tree (Mike Mayfield, 3 min); 67/97 (Barcode) (Seoungho Cho, 7 min); Water Seeking Its Level (Leighton Pierce, 6 min); Hostage: The Bachar Tapes (Walid Ra’ad, 17 min); Mr. Tambourine Man (Michael Matei & Brendan Castner, 3 min); Hazlo Por Cuba (Do It For Cuba) (David Ellsworth, 14 min); Strange Invaders (Cordell Barker, 9 min) (Daniel Eisenberg). 2000-2002, various directors, ca. 107 min, various formats.


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