Special Preview: John Smith interviewed for Video Data Bank

A special preview of John Smith’s interview for Video Data Bank’s (VDB) ever growing On Art and Artists Collection, due for release late Spring 2015. In this interview excerpt Smith discusses, with VDB’s director Abina Manning, his film Shepherd’s Delight a film largely concerned with how context determines the reading of information. The Jarman Award winning artist presented his […]

An Interview with Andrew Lampert

Andrew Lampert sits down with SAIC graduate student Elizabeth Metcalfe to talk about his interest in archiving, current inspirations, and his unique approach to improvisation. Lampert joined CATE on October 9th 2014 and turned his attention to the Gene Siskel Film Center in a site-specific performance created especially for the evening. The performance was accompanied […]

An Interview with Jonathan Monaghan

During his time in Chicago Jonathan Monaghan sat down with Kayla Lewis, a second year Art & Technology MFA candidate here at SAIC, to speak about his surreal explorations of power, value, and the role of technology. Monaghan presented a series of his works entitles Alien Fanfare at CATE September 18th 2014. He creates sculpture and animated video […]

Interview with Vincent Grenier

From color studies to lyrical explorations of associative montage, Vincent Grenier’s work inspires the viewer to watch and wait, newly attentive to the quiet surprises of daily life. On the occasion of his program with CATE, Grenier spoke with Ross Jordan spoke about the innovation and sensuous nature of his work. In my interview with […]

Interview with Brenna Murphy

Ian Ostrowski in conversation with Brenna Murphy on the occasion of her program created especially for CATE with Lampo on September 27, 2012.  Murphy’s performance explores a brand new virtual space and is accompanied by textured soundscapes generated from a home-made analog synthesizer and her own voice. I had the pleasure of interviewing Brenna Murphy […]

An Interview with Tomonari Nishikawa by Tom McCormack

April 12, 2012 Tomonari Nishikawa, Tokyo-Ebisu (2010). Courtesy the artist. Tom McCormack in conversation with Tomonari Nishikawa on the occasion of the screening “Tomonari Nishikawa & Small-Gauge Japan,” a program of Super 8 film. Tom: Many of your films take advantage of a specific formal technique or a set of specific formal techniques. How do […]

An Interview with Laure Prouvost by Robyn Farrell

March 1, 2012 Roybn Farrell in conversation with Laure Prouvost on the occasion of the screening “Don’t Look Up,” a program of brilliantly anarchic videos by Laure Prouvost. Robyn Farrell: Your work is highly sensorial: color, sight, and sound all feature prominently, as well as the desire to touch and taste. How does the medium […]

An Interview with Steve Anker by Jennifer Breckner

February 17, 2012 Jennifer Breckner in conversation with Steve Anker on the occasion of the screening “Radical Light,” a program of works that grows out of a decade-long research project into the history of experimental film and video in the Bay Area helmed by curators at the Pacific Film Archive and CalArts. Jennifer Breckner: On […]

An Interview with Basma Alsharif and Tirtza Even by Susan Mamoun

Basma Alsharif, The Story of Milk and Honey (2011) Feburary 9, 2012 Susan Mamoun in conversation with Basma Alsharif and Tirtza Even on the occasion of the screening “We Began by Measuring Distance,” a program of works reflecting on home and distance by women from or connected to Palestine, curated by Tirtza Even. Susan: Where […]

Interview with Luis Gispert

Charlotte Marra spoke with artist Luis Gispert in advance of his October 21 appearance at Conversations at the Edge. Charlotte Marra: In the video René (2008), you create a portrait of a family friend. There is a marked difference in style and subject matter from your previous work (Stereomongrel, 2005, or Smother, 2008) and elements […]

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