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Thursday, February 7, 2008, 6pm | Franziska Lamprecht & Hajoe Moderegger in person!

eteam, 1.1 Acre Flat Screen (2002). Image courtesy of the artists.
eteam, 1.1 Acre Flat Screen (2002). Image courtesy of the artists.

Since 2002, the German-born, New York-based duo eteam (Franziska Lamprecht and Hajoe Moderegger) has undertaken a series of witty land-use experiments on small tracts of land purchased through eBay in the American Southwest. Carried out under the guise of “home improvement,” each project is also an inspired investigation into our collective fantasies about the West and its everyday reality. Their most recent effort is a collaboration with their neighbors in tiny Montello, Nevada (“the town that refuses to die”) to create an International Airport and transform the desolate flyover zone into a busy hub. The duo’s experiments become the raw material for their droll videos, three of which will screen tonight: 1.1 Acre Flat Screen (2002) chronicles their first successful land bid; Artificial Traffic Jam (2005) details their ironic efforts to improve the value of their second plot; and International Airport Montello (2007) explores the Montello collaboration in a stunning, three-channel composition. Co-presented by the Video Data Bank. 2002–07, Franziska Lamprecht & Hajoe Moderegger, USA, ca 90 min, various formats.


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