I Love Presets

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Thursday, February 21, 2008, 6pm | Rob Ray, Jon Satrom, & Jason Soliday in person!

i love presets

As I Love Presets, Chicago-based sound and new media artists Rob Ray, Jon Satrom, and Jason Soliday do everything wrong the right way. The trio manipulates found sounds and animated GIFs on home-brewed equipment in spectacular live audio/video performances, breaking down, complicating, and glorifying instrument settings, tool presets, and art-making interfaces normally accepted as fixed and stable. From Excel spreadsheets and video games to hacked Casios and discarded drum machines, any and everything electronic is fair game. Tonight, the trio will play several new pieces and demo their latest instruments and a video game. 2008, Rob Ray, Jon Satrom, & Jason Soliday, USA, ca 90 min, various formats.


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