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Thursday, March 6, 6pm | Anne Quirynen in person!

Anne Quirynen, Interzone (2007). Image courtesy of the artist.
Anne Quirynen, Interzone (2007). Image courtesy of the artist.

Video artist and SAIC faculty member Anne Quirynen has long worked at the intersection of performance and the moving image, collaborating with the likes of choreographers William Forsythe, Thomas Hauert, and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker on videos, installations, and theatrical pieces. Her latest video, the stunning Interzone, was originally commissioned as an opera by the Berliner Festspiele. Featuring music by the German composer Enno Poppe, the piece takes up William S. Burroughs’ novel of the same name, using his cut-up method as a structural guide. Writes curator Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, “Streets, cars, and high-rises appear kaleidoscopically…from the bright whiteness of sunlight, arias ring out. Just as sentences become sound collages, images become structures of color and light.” 2007, Anne Quirynen, Germany/India/USA, ca. 60 min, video.


Watch Interzone and read more about Anne Quirynen on her website.


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