North on Evers

Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | February 26, 2004

Thursday, February 26, 2004, 8pm


The road movie, home movie, and personal diary are combined spectacularly in this captivating, subtle work by leading independent filmmaker James Benning (11 X 14; Landscape Suicide; The California Trilogy). Benning took a meandering, cross-country motorcycle trip and kept a diary; he then revisited, a year later, the sites and people of his previous trip, capturing old friends and forgotten towns, eternal rock formations and anonymous barflies with his 16mm camera. As the images unfold, the handwritten text of Benning’s diary scrolls across the bottom of the screen, and the viewer makes tiny discoveries and profound connections as image and text slide in and out of sync. North on Evers brings us an American landscape sprinkled with little human tragedies and triumphs, and a self-portrait hovering between detachment and tenderness (Jim Trainor). 1991, James Benning, USA, 87 min, 16mm.


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