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Thursday, May 3, 2007, 6pm


Tonight’s program is a cinematic toast to the semester’s end with a cross-section of current work by students in the department of Film, Video & New Media.

All Stars

Jodie Mack, 2006, 0:24 min, 16mm

Colored acetate + star punch + tape = this mini-movie. (JM)

Bird Song Trilogy, Part 1 & Bird Song Trilogy, Part 2

Emily Kuehn, 2007, 5 min, miniDV

Using lo-fi tools and told in only two parts, the author attempts to create a narrative that is simultaneously non-specific and infinitely recognizable.  Bird Song Trilogy confronts the flattening of culture and the ethics of false nativity. (EK)


Samantha Olschan, 2007, 3 min, miniDV

When a local girl is seduced by the arrival of an enigmatic leopard she is left with more than memory.  Mysterieuse is a computer-generated animation deeply influenced by traditional myth as well as collage and printmaking techniques. (SO)

Standing on the Beach in Rimini

Chelsea Knight, 2006, 8 min, miniDV

Standing on the Beach in Rimini is a collection of memories recounted by a traveler in translation. As an analogue to her foreignness, each of the traveler’s “memories” contains an element of personal or cultural estrangement. This work combines the nostalgic, murky vision of the traveler with the invisibility of the migrants, immigrants and displaced populations around her.  (CK)

Interruption #5 (The Biggest Shopping Day of the Year Comes Along Just Once a Year)

Chris Royalty, 2005, 2 min, DV)

The Interruption video series investigates the construction of mass-media forms through the use of simple audio overdubbing – as visually un-manipulated works with re-recorded self-narrated audio, they draw attention to the linguistic redundancy and banal verbal conventions of contemporary television broadcasting. (CR)

Strategies of Trust

Gonzalo Escobar, 2006, 4 min, miniDV

This piece aims to illustrate the dynamics of trust based on presumptions, assumptions, and the (contemporary) obvious.  Reliance on doubt is allowed. (GE)

It’s Hard to Wreck a Nice Beach / It’s Hard to Recognize Speech

Adebukola Bodunrin, 2007, 10 min excerpt, miniDV

It’s a cultural study and creative autobiography done from the perspective of analyzing speech. (AB)

Black Chair and White Objects

Kyung Woo Han, 2007, 5 min, miniDV

It is a piece that indicates the stereotype of perception that we have in our mind. There is no absolute definition in our lives. (KWH)

Land Escape

Basia Goszczynska, 2007, 7 min, miniDV

While traveling a landscape built from found objects, Land Escape introduces a series of puppets who are soon to be deeply affected by the decaying of their land. (BG)

Interruption #7 (People Get Caught Up)

Chris Royalty, 2006, 2 min, DV

Life Long Love

Jodie Mack, 2006/7, 4 min, 16mm -> miniDV

Two lonely singles dream of eternal love, wonder if it even exists, meet, and wed. This is the opening number to a larger project–Yard Work Is Hard Work –an animated musical. (JM)

Bulb In The Head

Melika Bass, 2006, 5 min, 16mm -> DVcam

An earthen fairy tale. A feast for the living. (MB)

On Poisoning Birds

Kenny Reed & Ben Popp, 2007, 2 min, miniDV

A short film about coming to terms with my childhood. (KR)


Lori Felker, 2006, 2 min, 16mm

Zwischen exists on the thin line between opposing forces.  Dirt moves through light to a hand-drawn soundtrack of “zwisch” and silence. (LF)


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