Interview with Sven Augustijnen

Filmmaker Sven Augustijnen sat down with CATE Program Assistant George William Price to discuss his multifaceted artistic practice within the context of his film “Spectres”,  screened at CATE on April 4, 2014.   Augustijnen’s work concentrates on the tradition of portraiture and the porous boundaries between fiction and reality, using a hybrid of genres and techniques to […]

Interview with Christiane Paul

Curator and academic Christiane Paul sat down with CATE Program Assistant George William Price to discuss her research and curatorial practice centered around New Media.  Paul presented a multimedia talk “Genealogies of the New Aesthetic” at CATE on March 27, 2014.   Christiane Paul (b. 1961, Attendorn, Germany) is Associate Professor at the School of Media Studies, […]

Interview with Erin Cosgrove

Could you tell us a little bit about the program you’ll be screening for Conversations at the Edge this fall? A Heart Lies Beneath comes from my 7 Romance Novels Project—which is what it sounds like, sort of—7 romance novels written by 7 different authors, all of them named Erin Cosgrove. They are satires that […]

Interview with Karen Yasinsky

Ali Aschman and Jeremy Bessoff in conversation with Karen Yasinsky on the occasion of the screening ‘Fire is a Fact: An Evening with Karen Yasinsky’, a program of short puppet and hand-drawn animations from 1999 to 2012. Ali: When Jim Trainor introduced you last night at Conversations at the Edge, he described your work as […]

Kent Lambert & Jesse McLean interview each other

On the eve of tomorrow’s program, Have to Believe We Are Magic: Videos by Kent Lambert and Jesse McLean, the artists interviewed each other. Here is the exclusive transcript. Kent Lambert:  Ready when you are! Jesse McLean‪: ‬ ‪Ready!‬ ‪KL: ‬ ‪Do you have questions prepared?‬ Or should we have more of a casual conversation at the […]