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Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | April 4, 2002

Thursday, April 4, 2002, 6pm


Cecelia Dougherty in person!

Cecilia Dougherty’s work employs experimental documentary and narrative to explore family interactions, the representation of lesbians in popular culture, outsider psychology, and everyday life. Dougherty will appear in person to present a wide range of her work, from early pieces such as Grapefruit (1989), Coal Miner’s Granddaughter (1991), Joe-Joe (1993), and My Failure to Assimilate (1995), to more recent work such as Laura (1998) (Abina Manning). 1989-1998, Cecilia Dougherty, USA, 60 min, video.

This screening is co-presented by the Video Data Bank and complements Dougherty’s new video installation Gone, based on Episode No 2 of the landmark PBS series An American Family, April 4th-7th at Gallery 312, 312 N May Street (Info: 312 942 2500 or


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