Inside Art Chicago: The Interview Issue

Inside Art Chicago
v.1, n.1, May 2009

This special issue of e-merge features a series of interviews with the diverse professionals engaged in Art Chicago 2009. It presents an insider’s perspective from the trenches of one of the most hotly discussed events in the city’s cultural landscape. Interviews with the fair’s key administrators and curators (including Tony Karman, Mark Falanga, Jessica Cochran, Christian Viveros-Faune, Lynne Warren, Mary Jane Jacob, Susanne Ghez and Chris Kennedy) touch on a nexus of fundamental questions that have become more pressing than ever before. These questions concern the relationship of art to the market; the viability of traditional vehicles of distribution for art; art’s political, social, and civic dimensions; and tensions between local and global, among others. Many of these questions will become through-lines in future issues of e-merge.

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Interviews with:

Tony Karman, by Francesca Wilmott

Mark Falanga, by Dorota Biczel and Ania Szremski

Jessica Cochran, by Ariel Pittman and Danica Willard

Christian Viveros-Faune, by Ania Szremski

Lynne Warren, by Dana Boutin

Mary Jane Jacob, by Beth Capper

Susanne Ghez, by Dorota Biczel

Chris Kennedy, by Dorota Biczel and Ania Szremski

Cover art:

Adelheid Mers, “Creativity,” 2008

A special thank you to: Adelheid Mers, Nick Lowe, Sherrie Medina, Brittany Mullins, Kasey Madden, Erin Baldwin, Rae Ulrich, Jes Takla, SAIC Student Association, Adam Orcutt and the Service Bureau, for their generous support and assistance with this issue.