• I don't remember. Does (it) this matter?

    George William Price
    I would argue that many forms of performance art, through their exhibition and documentation, have had a great impact on our collective memory.
  • Eclipsing: the politics of night

    Amina Ross
    The concept of the eclipse exposes common associations with night and darkness, and may reveal the way dark and night spaces provide a space to oppose the authority of institutions.
  • Authority // Obeying Solid

    Suzanne Gold
    I want this text to integrate space and body in a way that intertwines the other two, drawing together a theme by performing it, formally.
  • Coming soon,

Far From Local: policy and practice (of art and culture) around the globe

V.2, n.1, Summer 2010 Editors Note Rebecca Hernandez and Ania Szremski, co-editors When our shaky, if giddily profitable, financial infrastructure shattered around us in 2008, the art world (like any other sector) soberly realized that business as usual was no longer possible. Non-profits closed their doors within months, some museums began deaccessioning collections, capital campaigns floundered mid-stream and certa
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Art in the Civic Sphere: An Interview with Chris Kennedy

Return to the Interview Issue Perhaps no figure is as significant as Chris Kennedy in Art Chicago’s long and winding story. In an act that has become a veritable piece of Chicago lore, Kennedy swept in and saved the day when Art Chicago was about to crumble in 2006. As president of the Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc., Kennedy negotiated the purchase of the fair, moved it from its former site at Butler Field to its
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What are today’s “New Insights”? An Interview with Susanne Ghez

Return to the Interview Issue Susanne Ghez has directed The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago since 1974. She is widely credited for redefining the museum’s role as a site for the production of new works. Ghez was the recipient of the Award for Curatorial Excellence from the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College in 2002 and a recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from San Francisco Art Institute i
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“Political Art” at Art Chicago? An Interview with Mary Jane Jacob

Return to the Interview Issue Beth Capper spoke to Mary Jane Jacob, Director of Exhibitions at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and guest curator of Partisan, one of the three special exhibitions held in conjunction with this year’s Art Chicago. Presenting politically engaged work within a context of an art fair might be a highly contentious idea, so Capper probed Jacob’s interest in engaging in the fair an
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Imagist Legacy at Art Chicago: An Interview with Lynne Warren

Return to the Interview Issue Scholarship and feeling drive Lynne Warren’s curatorial practice.  At a time when art world writing is more descriptive than critical, Warren’s posts on the blog Sharkforum try “to reassure people that they can have their own opinions.”  Warren is a curator who has been long and intimately invested in the Chicago community.  This May, she will curate “The Hairy Who and Imagist Legacy in
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The Contemporary Face of Art Chicago: An Interview with Christian Viveros-Faune

Return to the Interview Issue As Chicago’s newest stage for emerging and “cutting-edge” artists, the inaugural NEXT Fair drew huge crowds in 2008. The masterminds behind the contemporary face of Art Chicago include local gallery owner Kavi Gupta and New York art critic and curator Christian Viveros-Faune. The team combines forces again this year for the 2009 installment of NEXT, which will include the launching of th
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Curators in Dialogue: An Interview with Jessica Cochran

Return to the Interview Issue The gray maze that is the heart of Merchandise Mart seems an unlikely setting for Chicago’s largest art event of the year. But Art Chicago brings contemporary art from around the world to these monochrome halls. New to this year’s program is CONVERGE, a forum for regional and national curators that promises dialogue on current issues facing curators and arts organizations. Merchandise Ma
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The Business of Art Fairs: An Interview with Mark Falanga

Return to the Interview Issue Since acquiring Art Chicago and saving it from certain disaster in 2006, Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc. has gone on to acquire five other major art fairs: the Armory Show in New York, Toronto International Art Fair, VOLTA NY, VOLTA Basel and NEXT. The trade show giant has thus become America’s largest producer of art fairs. Of course, when a large commercial enterprise that specialize
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The History of Art Chicago: An Interview with Tony Karman

Return to the Interview Issue During the past three decades, Art Chicago has redefined its role in the city and in the international art fair circuit, an evolution that has spanned the fair’s lucrative days as the Chicago International Art Exposition, the 2006 crisis that resulted in its acquisition by Merchandise Mart and its subsequent re-emergence in the past two years. Francesca Wilmott was granted a special glim
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