Labor on Exhibition

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I went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens this past weekend and saw this display – hilarious!

Thought it held a lot of resonance with our conversation about leisure/labor + Richard Slee’s work!

Enjoy! xoxo_danny

Suggestions of a Life Being Lived

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Allyson Mitchell, Riot Granny TV Tent, 2010

Hey all! Just wanted to post some information on the exhibition I co-curated for SFCamerawork Gallery in San Francisco, CA, recently. The title is Suggestions of a Life Being Lived and you can read more about it here: link!

Download a Press Release to Learn More!

Above is a habitat made by Allyson Mitchell from abandoned textiles (afghans, quilts, pillows, etc.), as well as a patchwork quilt used by queer Toronto protesters demonstrating against the use of Gay Pride Parades by various corporations and political figures for advertising purposes. Inside the habitat a number of Mitchell’s humorous, lo-fi and incredibly intelligent film + video works are being screened.

Learn more about Mitchell’s work, which ranges from work in craft + sculpture, to film + video, to activism + education, here: link!

Aay Preston Myint, SMILE II, 2010

Another artist in the exhibition working in fiber + materials is Aay Preston-Myint, who built an ersatz, participatory portrait-studio out of hand-printed textiles, complete with handmade props, costumes and masks – all recalling a mix of dystopian queer iconography (a la David Wojnarowicz) and Preston-Myint’s favorite childhood mutant comic-book heroes! More about Aay: link!

We recently received some press on the show – check it out!

Lastly – a little bit MORE self-promotion – we just got started attempting to raise funds for the production of a catalog/publication documenting this show and to feature a handful of writings, including writings from various artists. Check out our Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds here: link!

Spread the word!

I realize this is a bit longer of a post than what’s probably usual, so thanks for reading!

See all of you Monday – Danny!

Science and Art

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Antennae magazine I was recently introduced to Antennae Magazine by one of my professors. It is a completely free publication (based in the U.K. and distributed online) that focuses around “Nature in Visual Culture.” The magazine does a lot of profiles on contemporary artists who utilize nature in the broadest sense (and really cool science-y stuff) in their work. They do features on a lot of ‘smart art’ artists such as Wim Delvoye and Kira O’Reilly who reference natural phenomena in their work. While the art is not explicitly fiber based,  the artists (like Wim Delvoye) who are featured really work in a variety of mediums  and materiality is a major concern of many of the selected pieces. You can download most of the back issues in .pdf form directly from the site and the magazine is incredibly fascinating and an awesome endeavor.

Also, in an unrelated note for Chicagoans, this weekend is Loopy Yarns’ (in the south loop) 5th anniversary and in celebration they are offering 20% all of their yarns. They’re a great store with great quality yarn so check it out! The sale runs Friday through Saturday.

Yarn Bombing

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I found this blog while researching Knit graffiti and guerrilla craft! Apparently it is also a book which includes various images of guerrilla craft work from all over!

The Crafted Self/ The Body as Crafted Object

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The Crafted Self

Labor, Quality, and the Closing of the NUMMI Toyota Factory

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“A car plant in Fremont California that might have saved the U.S. car industry. In 1984, General Motors and Toyota opened NUMMI as a joint venture. Toyota showed GM the secrets of its production system: how it made cars of much higher quality and much lower cost than GM achieved. Frank Langfitt explains why GM didn’t learn the lessons – until it was too late”

This American Life: NUMMI.

The Steam Drill and John Henry

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After reading Matthew Crawford’s Shop Craft as Soulcraft I couldn’t help but think of this.

Miniature Fair Field Trip

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The world’s no. 1 International Miniature Event is April 17th & 18th at the Marriot Chicago, O’Hare: 8535 W. Higgins Road.

Admission $8.00.

Media, Labor and Art

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In contemplating what something I should dedicate my time to posting on this blog I came to the conclusion that distance was my biggest, worstest enemy.  Why be objective or coy; why not post something about myself?   Let’s talk about a show I was recently honored to take part in.

It is hard, in this world of material excess and waste, to disagree with Loos when he says that ornament is equatable to crime when ornament becomes more a sign of utter waste and not necessarily a humanist connection to or manipulation of material.  Ornamenting/decorating something or aestheticizing a physical object isn’t bad or wasteful.  It is when we become obsessed with the act of having that turns objects into vessels for criminal behavior.

An Immaterial Survey of Our Peers questions the relation this ‘act of having’ has to traditional art labor, exhibition and commerce.  By situating all-virtual-works in a virtual space, does the ‘act of having’ atrophy?  Does the viral nature of the exhibition end up contradicting its laurels by ornamenting online space?

The digital ‘objects’ that make up the show have, in some cases, been highly labored and affected by the artist and yet remain untouchable, immaterial and unavailable as physical proofs of labor.

Any thoughts ??

An Immaterial Survey of Our Peers”

Mo Rocca and the Price of Trash Talking Knitting

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On the CBS Sunday morning show, commentator Mo Rocca talked about how his comment that handmade sweaters made him itch inspired an outcry from online knitting communities.

Mo Rocca and the Price of Trashing Talking Knitters

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