Curated Section: On the Run

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On the Run

Curated by Jessican Cochran, with Alex Gartelmann, Jenny Gerow, and Leah Oren

Jessie Edelman, AJ, Holbrook, Saiko T. Kase, Amber Thomas, Alex Valentine, Wang Ye-Feng

Do you ever get the feeling that your favorite art works required something of a chase?  Do they bounce around in your head for awhile, resulting in one or more “aha” moments?

Horse by Amber Renaye Thomas

Work by Amber Renaye Thomas

Many artists deliberately create works that only begin to reveal themselves at first consideration, in an effort to resist easy and formulaic readings.  Such works require something of an intellectual or emotional chase– one that only begins in the white cube.

According to curator Anthony Huberman, “art works that run away from us” are those that leave us with more questions than answers.   To that end, artists in On the Run combine complex subject matter with unusual or potent imagery.

Works in this section are united by visual immediacy.  Each, however, resists instantaneous readings in favor of durational ones, in order to privilege a kind of perception that embraces attention, affect and nuance.

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