Curated Section: Present Perfect

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Present Perfect
Curated by Jessica Cochran, with Jenny Gerow, Alex Gartelmann, Leah Oren

Artists: Eric Cain, Colleen L. Coleman, Chris Edwards, Ashley Lamb, Su Hyun Nam, Joshua Sampson

In language, the grammatical term present perfect means to ambiguously refer to an unspecified time before now, without citing a precise date or moment in time.

For example, I have eaten rather than I ate on Saturday.

The strategic use of temporal fragments– past and present, real or imagined—in order to create room for narrative speculation is important when considering the works in this section.  In Present Perfect, each artist singularly reveals the visual provocations that are inherent when storytelling or history is moved into an artistic patchwork of symbols, myths and narratives.

Additional Content
Brush up on your grammar, with an explanation of the present perfect tense!

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