Curated Section: Renditions

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Curated by Jessica Cochran

Sebastian Alvarez
Marisol Plard Narváez
Erin Obradovich
Mary Villamor

Sebastian Alvarez during install

Sebastian Alvarez during installation

The word renditions exposes the pluralistic possibilities of language that are also possible in art. While frequently referenced in cultural contexts as a performative artistic act, renditions also references the political—it defines both illegal transnational extradition and the lawful surrender of persons or property.

Many artists embody the idea of “renditions” as a model for working, for rendering productive contradiction and ambiguity.  To that end, works in this section are performative, layered actions that locate self-reflexivity or political critique within an aesthetic dimension at the limits of art, politics and the everyday.

Importantly, like rendition-as-performance and rendition-as-political action, they depend on a public for activation and completion.

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