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With her high school program making its way from North Carolina to California, SAIC alumna Emily Pilloton has taken her Project H curriculum coast to coast.

September 14, 2012—On August 29, Berkeley-based news outlet Berkeleyside featured SAIC alumna Emily Pilloton (MFA 2005), who has moved her Studio H classroom and teaching model from North Carolina to California. The new class at the REALM Charter School in Berkeley, California, “is part of a course created by Studio H, a program run by Project H Design, a nonprofit that has brought its high school design/build curriculum to Berkeley after operating in North Carolina for two years,” according to contributor Tracey Taylor.

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Fashion Design faculty member Nick Cave’s Soundsuits are a colorful and captivating component of the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

September 13—Fashion Design faculty member Nick Cave and his Soundsuits filled a five-page feature in the popular September issue of Harper’s Bazaar (Circ. 755,212) on pages 524–29. In addition to the colorful presentation of his signature works—presented alongside some fetching fall accessories—the feature also quotes him, “I’m always interested in what’s first: Does fashion inspire art or does art inspire fashion? It needs to work between these two disciplines to be interesting to me.”

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SAIC alumna Shulamith Firestone published her groundbreaking Dialectic of Sex just three years after graduating from SAIC.

September 12, 2012—The New York Times published an obituary on August 30 by Margalit Fox about the groundbreaking feminist writer Shulamith Firestone (BFA 1967), who passed away August 28 in New York City. Firestone published her arresting first book, The Dialectic of Sex, in 1970. Fox writes that Firestone “extended Marxist theories of class oppression to offer a radical analysis of the oppression of women” and helped found the Westside Group, a Chicago feminist organization, before moving to New York.

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SAIC alumnus Nadav Assor is one of the newest tenure-track faculty members at Connecticut College.

September 11, 2012Nadav Assor (MFA 2010) is one of 10 new tenure-track faculty members at Connecticut College. The college noted Assor’s MFA from SAIC in its announcement on September 5, as well as Assor’s recent visiting position at the University of North Texas and the artist’s 2011 Emerging Artist Award from the Israeli Ministry of Culture.

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Creatures of the Wind took its Chicago-based show on the road to New York Fashion Week again this fall.

September 10, 2012—The September 5 issue of the Wall Street Journal (Circ. 2,096,169) featured a fall update on Creatures of the Wind, the fashion design label of faculty member Shane Gabier (Fashion) and Chris Peters (BFA 2010). The brand had its first fall runway show of 2012 on September 6 at New York Fashion Week. Reporter Christina Binkley offers a grounded, somewhat Bohemian take on the duo. “It has been a breakout year for Creatures of the Wind…. Yet they feel the constraints of a tiny label in the real world: Mr. Gabier teaches fashion design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to make ends meet.”

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A Chicago Tribune feature story provides a humorous assessment of SAIC Writing faculty member Adam Levin’s use of footnotes, the hip writers that keep him virtual company on Amazon.com, and his original political explanations.

September 7, 2012—SAIC Writing faculty member Adam Levin was the focus of a celebratory feature (exclusive for members) in the August 23 Chicago Tribune literary journal Printer’s Row. In the humor-filled piece titled “Annoyingly Talented” writer Christopher Borelli highlights the recent release of Levin’s collection of short stories Hot Pink and lists several reasons why Levin’s undeniable talent makes him “frustratingly, endearingly bold, the twin brother of annoying.”

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Chicago magazine featured SAIC Fashion Design faculty member and alumnus Shane Gabier and fellow alumnus Chris Peters in the "Taste Makers" section of the magazine.

September 7, 2012—SAIC Photography adjunct professor Jason Lazarus was featured in the “Culture” section of the September issue of Chicago magazine. The monthly publication recommends Lazarus’ upcoming exhibition as a “first stop” at EXPO CHICAGO, the city’s newest international art fair, which will feature a series of his photographs titled Sarasota Photomat: Lindsey, Teenage-Goth One-Hour Photo Technician, 1997­–2000. Fashion Design faculty member and alumnus Shane Gabier (1995-98) and fellow alumnus Chris Peters (1993-94), renowned creative duo behind fashion label Creatures of the Wind, are featured in the “Taste Makers” style section of the same magazine. The designers list “10 Things they Love” and are photographed in their Humboldt Park home studio. The story also notes that they are putting the finishing touches on their latest collection to be shown at New York Fashion Week in September.

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SAIC students are joined by students from Babson College in Boston, Morehouse College in Atlanta, Trinity University in San Antonio, and RISD in Rhode Island in the list of most frequent late-night food orders.

September 6, 2012—The late-night eating habits of hungry SAIC students were highlighted in an August 24 post on NPR’s food blog The Salt. Reporting on a recent study by popular food delivery website GrubHub, writer Jessica Stoller-Conrad notes that SAIC topped the list of schools at which students placed 70 percent more after-midnight food orders than the national average.

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