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Alumna Jessica Labatte’s Column, 2011, is part of her “consistently intriguing” works from The Kipper and the Corpse at Robert Bills Contemporary.

June 8, 2012—The May 17 edition of Time Out Chicago (circ. 52,660) features a three-star review by Frank Mercurio of The Kipper and the Corpse at Robert Bills Contemporary. The exhibition, curated by Ox-Bow Program Manager Elizabeth Chodos (MA 2008), features SAIC alumni Lauren Anderson (BFA 2006), Mike Andrews (BFA 1999), Jessica Labatte (BFA 2004, MFA 2009), and Montgomery Perry Smith (BFA 2008). Mercurio praises the “strong compositions,” “trickery,” and “subtle humor” in the show, which closed June 2. Just beneath that review on page 60 is another three-star critique, by Laura Pearson, on Hairy Blob at the Hyde Park Art Center. SAIC faculty member Adelheid Mers curated the exhibition featuring work by Nadav Assor (MFA 2010), faculty members Deborah Boardman and Kirsten Leenaars, Lauren Carter (MFA 2011), Ashley Hunt (MFA 1998), and Judith Leeman (MFA 2004), among others. It remains on view through July 29.

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SAIC President Walter E. Massey, Ph.D. Photo by Yoni Goldstein courtesy School of the Art Institute of Chicago

June 7, 2012—Dr. Walter E. Massey, President of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), received the Enrico Fermi Making History Award for Distinction in Science, Medicine, and Technology on Wednesday, June 6, at the18th annual Making History Awards presented by the Chicago History Museum. A prominent physicist who, in addition to his lengthy career in higher education, has served as Director of the Argonne National Laboratory and the National Science Foundation and as Vice President for Research at the University Of Chicago, Massey was honored together with three fellow recipients in Civic Leadership, Corporate Achievement, and Education.

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Writing faculty member Carol Anshaw’s new novel is earning praise. Her interview in the Windy City Times explores the book, her teaching at SAIC, and her time living in Chicago and Amsterdam.

June 7, 2012—The May 23 edition of the Windy City Times (circ. 20,000) includes a full-page interview with SAIC faculty member Carol Anshaw (Writing) revolving around her newest novel, Carry the One. Interviewer Sally Parsons notes, “Anshaw’s books always deliver—easy-to-read, sweet and touching tales of ordinary people with identifiable crises.” When asked what is the most important thing that she tells her writing students, Anshaw answers, “it is way more difficult to write a novel than they think it will be, that it will take longer than they envision, and that they just have to hang in past the failure of nerve that is certain to come at some point along the way. But that, eventually, with persistence, novels get done.”

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Errin Kancal’s Kiss Forks are one of the many popular items in the whatnot collection on sale in New York City through June 8.

June 6, 2012DailyCandy in New York City is the latest outlet to promote SAIC’s whatnot design exhibition, tipping readers about the Future Perfect Pop-Up Shop show in its May 24 Weekend Guide: “Up-and-coming designers skip the highbrow, astronomically priced prototypes in favor of objets d’art you can actually use—and afford.” Dexigner.com published 10 product photos alongside its coverage May 18, and design site Core77 also published photos from the exhibition’s Milan presentation.

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A Bunny Boy suit by SAIC Fashion Chair Nick Cave fills the cover of the June issue of ARTnews (circ. 78,115), and six full pages of the magazine tell the story of Cave’s past, present, and future in a feature by contributing editor Ann Landi. The article explains the curious side project behind Cave’s Bunny Boys, among many other highlights, and tells of his personal art collection—full of work by “talented students he has encountered in his years of teaching at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.” It also includes the prolific estimate that the artist and his assistants have now completed about 500 Soundsuits since he first began creating them, in 1991, and reports upcoming shows in France, Belgium, and a 2013 solo show at the Denver Art Museum. The article ends with a statement from Cave: “We’re in a time right now where we don’t dream anymore…We need things that are going to uplift, that are going to bring positive influences. We’re not getting it from the news, so guess who has to do it? Us artists.”

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Andrew Norman Wilson’s The Inland Printer—164, from the artist’s ScanOps project recently featured on Rhizome.org.

June 5, 2012—The art and technology website Rhizome.org published an interview with SAIC alumnus Andrew Norman Wilson (MFA 2011) on May 14. The artist’s latest project, ScanOps—titled after the internal department for Google’s onsite book scanning contractors in Silicon Valley—is on view this June at both American Medium in New York City and Document in Chicago. The project is a series of works that reveal the hands of ScanOps employees and other inadvertent captures created by the project. Interviewer Louis Dallas writes that ScanOps “documents the manual labor that continues to permeate under technological progress.” Wilson notes, “They can’t possibly identify and correct all of the disturbances in what is supposed to be a seamless interface…. The accidents then complicate the categorizations of ‘immaterial’ and ‘informational’ labor in the Information Technology sector.” On a side note, SAIC alumna Karen Archey (BA 2008) is Rhizome’s Editor-At-Large.

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Writing department Chair Sara Levine’s novel made it onto NPR’s “Great Summer Reads” shortlist on May 21.

June 4, 2012—NPR book critic Nancy Pearl reviewed Writing Chair Sara Levine’s novel Treasure Island!!! on the national broadcast of Morning Edition May 21 in a segment called “Nancy Pearl Unearths Great Summer Reads.” The book was one of just seven selected for the story. Pearl says, “I found Treasure Island!!! to be a total hoot. Outrageous!!! Delightful!!! And a good part of the fun for me came from the fact that I became so involved in the lives of the characters.”

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Will a Ph.D. in fine arts replace the MFA as the highest degree in the land?

June 1, 2012Chronicle of Higher Education blogger Laurie Fendrich posted an article on May 16, “Paint It High and Deep,” with a quote from SAIC Professor James Elkins (Visual and Critical Studies/Art History, Theory, and Criticism). Fendrich covers the ongoing debate surrounding whether or not the College Art Association should set the Ph.D. as the new terminal degree in the fine arts. Elkins notes, “I agree with every objection [to the studio PH.D.] I’ve heard, every single one…. The thing is, it can’t be stopped.” To date the article has drawn more than 20 reader comments.

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