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This 3D visualization of a brain scan is included in the current offerings at Ellen Sandor’s (art)n laboratory in the West Loop.

August 13, 2012—On August 7 Northwestern University’s Medill Reports published a lengthy profile of the (art)n laboratory founded by SAIC Board of Governors member Ellen Sandor (MFA 1975) in the West Loop. The lab currently displays 3D art depicting the AIDS virus, the healthy brain scans of a person who recovered from autism, and a clinical view of lung cancer. Six photos accompany the article by Joanna Carver, “Virtual reality lab pioneers 3D art and science,” which notes that SAIC alumna Diana Torres (BFA 2010, MFA 2012) is the lead 3D artist at the lab.

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The Wall Street Journal recently profiled the muralist Hale Woodruff the upcoming exhibition Rising Up: Hale Woodruff’s Murals at Talladega College. The artist attended SAIC between 1927 and 1931 where he called attention in the art world.

August 9, 2012—On July 3, arts writer at The Wall Street Journal (circ. 2,117,796) Karen Wilkin, profiled the upcoming exhibition Rising Up: Hale Woodruff’s Murals at Talladega College, organized by the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, showcasing the restored 1938 murals of the African American artist. Wilkin calls attention to the time Woodruff spent at the Art Institute of Chicago, between 1927 and 1931, to broaden his experience. The exhibition consists of “six monumental canvases about wide-ranging aspects of black history, all packed with agile, generously scaled figures rendered with sinuous drawing and luminous color,” Wilkins writes.

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SAIC alumna Kelly Chen’s paper was quoted in an ArtInfo article examining problems in Chinese contemporary art administration. Chen earned her Master of Arts in Art Administration and Policy in 2007.

August 8, 2012—On July 16, ArtInfo writer Kyle Chayka quoted a 2007 paper by SAIC alumna Kelly Chen (MA 2009), who now goes by the name Kelly Huang, on Chinese contemporary art in the article “5 Major Obstacles Standing in the Way of the Rise of China’s Art Institutions.” Chayka referred to Chen’s statement that, “A comprehensive administrative system has not developed…. Without a clear management structure, efficiency or quality cannot be attained.”

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August 7, 2012—The Bad at Sports June 25 broadcast featured SAIC alumnus Daniel Tucker (BFA 2005) talking about AREA Chicago magazine, which he founded and worked on for five years. In describing his practices at the magazine Tucker delivers some interesting comments on the idea of “Chicago aesthetics.”

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August 6, 2012—SAIC faculty member Mary Jane Jacob has been awarded a landmark Curatorial Research Fellowship from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts to study Chicago’s role in the development of socially engaged art practices, both ongoing and historical. The $50,000 fellowship—the maximum Curatorial Research Fellowship amount awarded by the Warhol Foundation—is the first grant that SAIC has received from the Warhol Foundation since 1995 and is also the largest that the school has ever received from the foundation. The research supported by the fellowship will result in a future exhibition, as well as a series of think tanks, project-based classes, and new writing by artists, scholars, and other thinkers, and a local survey of current projects.

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An arresting image by John Sisson from Judd Morrissey and Mark Jeffrey’s collaborative project The Precession (2010–11).

August 3, 2012—Independent New-York based journal Artwrit published an interview with Performance faculty members Mark Jeffrey and Judd Morrissey by alumnus Anthony Romero (MFA 2010) in its July edition. The piece begins by highlighting how Morrissey and Jeffrey’s “innovative use of technology and choreography has yielded a rich body of work that confuses physical and virtual space.” Morrissey says about their longtime collaboration, “we do very, very different things and we don’t necessarily talk a lot about it. We just trust. We don’t really interfere with one another’s role.”

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Painting and Drawing Chair Michelle Grabner’s career retrospective in Milwaukee this summer offers a diverse sampling of her Wisconsin-bred, Chicago-based prolific creative output.

August 2, 2012—The career retrospective of Painting and Drawing Chair Michelle Grabner opened Friday, July 27 at the Institute of Visual Arts (Inova) at Grabner’s alma mater, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Art and architecture critic Mary Louis Schumacher wrote in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on July 22, “nothing could be more warranted” than a retrospective for Grabner, “one of the most influential artists, writers, teachers and curators in our region.”

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Work led by the Greater Good Studio of faculty members George Aye and Sara Cantor Aye (AIADO) led SAIC students into a school cafeteria last semester, seeking to improve eating habits and nutrition among Chicago youth.

August 1, 2012—In June Core77 design magazine dispatched correspondent Dave Seliger on a five-week, 25-state journey—dubbed “Route 77”—to find the best of American design. Four weeks later he’d reached Chicago and the Greater Good Studio of faculty members George Aye and Sara Aye (AIADO). Seliger’s post about the studio notes its winning formula—“operate as a non-profit studio with the mentality and business acumen of a for-profit institution”—and reports on, among many other brilliant projects, the Designing Chicago: New Tools for Public Transit kickstarter campaign and the public school cafeteria redesign project conducted by SAIC students and faculty this past spring.

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