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SAIC Fashion Design faculty member Eia Radosavljevic is the expert behind much of the “hattitude” in the Goodman Theater’s popular gospel musical Crowns.

July 23, 2012Goodman Theatre’s On Stage magazine interviewed SAIC fashion design faculty Eia Radosavljevic in its June–August issue about her design contributions to Crowns, the popular musical that “traces the roots of Gospel through contemporary hip hop, fusing rich storytelling with abundant ‘hattitude.’” Writer Lesley Gibson mentions in the interview, “A Chicago native, Radosavljevic returned to her home town in the mid-1990s and helped develop a curriculum in millinery at the School of the Art Institute that has since blossomed into six courses.” The musical runs through August 12.

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SAIC President Walter Massey Published "The Art of Innovation" on the Huffington Post College blog.

July 20, 2012—On July 19 Huffington Post College published “The Art of Innovation,” an essay by SAIC President Walter E. Massey about the current and potential roles of art and design education in the historically scientific realm of politically supported global innovation. His writing draws from the April keynote address he delivered at the Committee on Institutional Cooperation’s Global University Summit, and asserts—using as example the work of SAIC alumna Emily Pilloton (MFA 2005), as well as a recent New York Times editorial by columnist David Brooks—that the interdisciplinary curriculum of SAIC and peer institutions like it effectively support socially responsible individuals so that they might maximize their impact on society.

Departing from his perspective as both a physicist and a “longtime cultural enthusiast,” Massey delivers a history of the scientific paradigm surrounding innovation that dates back to the founding of the National Science Foundation—which Massey directed from 1991 to 1993—and its roots in post World War II America. While he writes that this paradigm has worked and in many ways is still valid, he notes, “a closer examination of the innovative process reveals it is not that simple or straightforward…. We certainly need more scientists, engineers, and mathematicians, but we may have been missing an opportunity by not more effectively engaging in the innovative process one of the most creative groups in our society—artists and designers…. Whether the issue is sustainability, public education, or social justice, artists and designers engage, adapt, reimagine, and continue to move the definition of innovation forward.”

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Some arresting images by Dan O'Brien, Trisha Baum, and Katie Hung lent themselves to a recent architectural photo show in Pilsen.

July 20, 2012—ln July 6 Chicago Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin highlighted the opening of Imaging Mass & Space: Architectural Photography 2012, a group show featuring the work of students at SAIC’s summer architectural photography class taught by Kirk Gittings and Timothy Wittman. Kamin tells readers to visit and “find the next Richard Nickel”—the late renowned preservationist and photographer of Chicago architecture—among the presenting students. The exhibition ran two days at the Chicago Arts District Gallery in Pilsen.

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A pair of prominent SAIC graduates made a summer splash in the Chicago Tribune Sunday magazine’s recent cover feature.

July 19, 2012—The Chicago Tribune weekend magazine Sunday featured SAIC alumna Claire Sherman (MFA 2005) and Carrie Schneider (MFA 2007) in its July 8 edition (circ. 779,440). In “The Art of Inspiration”, landscape painter Sherman and photographer Schneider both talk about their inspirations and career paths. Sherman tells reporter Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz that “inspiration does not come as an ‘aha’ moment, but evolves, through trial and error, over time…. It’s the experiment that helps me come up with a new idea.” Schneider says in her interview with Heidi Stevens that her inspiration “is never far from home. Friends and family, especially my relationship with my older brother…. I think the loving and caring and element of tension in family is so worthy of exploring.”

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Reviews of LeRoy Neiman’s memoir All Told: My Art and Life Among Athletes, Playboys, Bunnies, and Provocateurs are filling news outlets across the country.

July 18, 2012—SAIC’s F Newsmagazine (circ. 6,000) and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer published two new reviews of LeRoy Neiman’s memoir All Told: My Art and Life Among Athletes, Playboys, Bunnies, and Provocateurs this month. In her review published July 10, F News writer Margot Brody remarks that the artist’s autobiography—published just before his death at the age of 91 on June 20—“provides a final intimate account of a dramatic journey.” Seattle writer Hilary Topper includes a quote from Neiman about his time at SAIC: “”At art school there was a period when I liberated myself from everything I’d seen and been taught—broke away from it all and decided I would paint things the way I wanted—give a character a green nose or orange hair, anything that made the person or the situation interesting…”

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Two of the first three Chicago Works exhibitions at the MCA featured SAIC faculty members. Alumna and Photography faculty member Heidi Norton will become the third when her show opens August 7.

July 17, 2012—SAIC alumna and photography instructor Heidi Norton (MFA 2002) will celebrate a landmark in her career when her first solo museum exhibition opens at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) on August 7. She joins Molly Zuckerman-Hartung (Post-Bacc 2005/MFA 2007) and Scott Reeder as the third SAIC faculty member to earn a BMO Harris Bank Chicago Works exhibition at the museum. Her show will feature new works produced using, among other materials, live plants and repurposed glass from previous MCA exhibitions.

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CS magazine’s July issue recaptured SAIC’s brilliant fashion benefit gala in April with a full page of photos and review.

July 16, 2012—The July issue of CS magazine (circ. 79,570) dedicates page 44 in its “Radar” news coverage to THE WALK 2012, SAIC’s giant fashion benefit gala held in Millennium Park April 19. The photo-filled layout features SAIC graduates Kylee Alexander, Alex Ulichny, and David Cantu; Legend of Fashion award winners Cynthia Rowley and Bill Powers, on stage with SAIC President Walter Massey; Fashion chair Nick Cave with Linda Johnson Rice; and the Sandor family. Contributor Amanda Wilson added coverage on all the awards, internships, and high profile guests and presenters at the event.

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On the first Tuesday of each month, alumna Amelia Ishmael will show readers where “light and sound currents collide, intermix, and inform one another” in an interesting new blog hosted by Art21.

July 13, 2012—On July 3, Art21 announced a new column on its blog written by SAIC alumna and former Art21 guest blogger Amelia Ishmael (MA 2011). The column will be called “Transmissions” and will focus on the relationship between art and rock music. Transmissions “aims to intervene within art historical canons by emphasizing the threads of music throughout art (referred to by some as art’s ‘minor histories’) and to argue for their place in conversations of contemporary art,” says Ishmael.

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