Poy Griesedieck, Childhood Vacation, inkjet print, 2013

1/4 CENTURY POY BORN, Childhood Vacation, 2013, Inkjet print

THE LNC GALLERY | March 11–31

An exhibition by 1/4TH CENTURY POY BORN

OPENING RECEPTION | Monday, March 10, 4:00–6:00 p.m.

Named for a German loanword describing a coming-of-age tale, Bildungsroman directly addresses the pressure exerted on young artists to professionalize from both within and outside the art world. Self-consciously “grown up” objects, as framed by the student-run LeRoy Neiman Center Gallery, question relationships between the esoteric and the legible, “hobby” and “career,” and child’s play and mature authorship. At its most essential, Bildungsroman is a representation of children playing at being adults.