A Note from the Spring 2014 Directors | A lot has changed in 20 years. Once referred to as “the gallery in a shopping bag,” SUGs now occupies two on-campus locations, including the street level LeRoy Neiman Center Gallery opened in fall 2012. Managed by a rotating council of student directors, its structure and operations have continually transformed, responding to SAIC’s innovative creative community. New initiatives like SUGs Projects continue to extend the scope and visibility of student work, providing exhibition opportunities in highly visible spaces year round.

SUGs has evolved, but its core mission remains the same. Operating under the motto “Student Run/Student Work”, SUGs is a reflection of its community, a testament to the power of collaboration, experimentation, and student voice.

Over the past several months, we’ve connected with SUGs alumni—past artists, curators, and directors—seeking stories and memories that illuminate the history of the galleries at SAIC. Our discoveries underline SUGs’ legacy as an advocate for student leadership and experiential hands-on learning.

We look forward to sharing these stories throughout the year as we celebrate SUGs 20th Anniversary. Join us in the LeRoy Neiman Center Gallery and Gallery X for an engaging series of exhibitions that continue SUGs’ commitment to student work.

Best wishes for a terrific spring semester, David Albert, Holly Bresnahan, Andrea Chiu, Ariel Fang, and Kristin Mortensen