Spring 2016: THANK YOU!

During the past two semesters of SAIC’s 150th anniversary celebrations, the gallery directors at SUGs have been focused on reevaluating our role in the institution and revisioning the future for SUGs. With many welcome changes and expansions to the organizational structure of SUGs and strengthening relationships across campus, we hope to further emphasize our role as a teaching gallery at SAIC with education at the heart of our mission.

SUGs presented five exhibitions this semester with amazing artists and curators who brought such unique and inspiring perspectives to the galleries and surrounding programs. The SUGs directors would like to extend our appreciation to each of our exhibitors, Archive Manager, Gallery Assistants, our partners in the Department of Exhibition & Exhibition Studies, Sullivan Galleries and the Service Bureau, who are invaluable to us.

Being a part of the SUGs legacy is knowing that every director team holds STUDENT WORK / STUDENT RUN at its core and it leaves us more than confident of what Fall 2016 will bring to SUGs and the our SAIC community.

We would like to specially thank Ross Jordan and Trevor Martin for always having our back, SAIC President Walter E. Massey and the SUGs exhibition committee for their continual support of this unique program at SAIC and Kate Schutta and Margaret Hutchins at the Career + Co-Op Center for their great partnership.

The SUGs Gallery Directors

Ellen Brinich, Hannah Chavez, Jameson Paige, Megan Finch, Zara Monica Wee